Automate your office operations !

Office operations on MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access or MS Outlook can be repetitive, with a low added-value. This is exactly the kind of activities you can entrust to a macro-command. We possess a strong experience in automation processes with Microsoft Office applications and we would be delighted to share it with you.


a few examples of our specific macros

Automated reports and Dashboards

If you are used to manage your datasets and create your reports and dashboards by yourself, we can automate this process and save you a lot of time. All our macros and VBA modules can work on MS Excel, MS Access and MS Word.

Meeting optimization

You are used to work with the MS Outlook calendar but you sometimes get lost into the amount of meetings and tasks ? Our simple tools can allow you to automatically rank and sort all these elements. Our solutions are particularly efficient if you share your calendars !

Data management

Data management is one of our main concerns at MRBD Solutions. We can build on-demand and customized solutions dedicated to easily collect, manage and store data. On the other hand, we are also able to build strong data reports and data analysis with MS Excel and MS Access.


Take advantage of our strong experience working with MS Excel. Do you struggle to develop a complex function ? Is there a problem with one of your Excel files ? We are here to help you.

Custom templates

A template can save a lot of time to MS Excel and MS Word users. Sometimes, it is really faster to ask for a professional and adaptable template. Would you like a custom toolbar too ?


Knowledge is always more useful when it is shared. We offer a wide range of trainings related to the MS Office Suite. We can either achieve these services online or directly on site.

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