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SPM is a simple, modular and flexible CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) designed to empower your maintenance oversight. Plan your interventions, manage your teams and inventory your equipment with just a few clics !


What SPM does

Interventions management

Manage and plan your interventions directly on the field or from a remote location. Share the schedules with your teams and your customers.

Equipment and items inventory

Create an exhaustive list of all your machines, materials, equipments, buildings with a few steps. You can also import a list of items directly in the software.

Real-time reporting / costs oversight

Every operation in your maintenance software can be traced and share with all the authorized users. Edit reports and send e-mails automatically !

Multi-user solution / shared data

You can work alone or with multiple other users in the same database, with real-time updates. Our CMMS software can allow up to 255 simultaneous users !

Automatic backups / cloud compatibility

Because your informatic system is never immune to a failure or a breakdown, your CMMS software is able to manage automated local and / or cloud backups.

Secured access / login rights

Make sure that only the authorized users can access to your data. Each piece of information is automatically secured and protected.


On demand functions

Because your needs are our main concern, we can provide you numerous complementary and on-demand functions in addition to your existing CMMS Software. As a modular maintenance software, SPM is also able to communicate with your ERP or your CRM systems.

In addition, we can also provide hardware, embedded systems and barcode readers to provide key in hand solutions.

Focus On Your Business, let our CMMS software do the rest

With the right modules and functions, SPM will easily fit in your daily processes, so you can focus on what matters the most to you and let our software manage your maintenance operations.

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Five Modules. One Software.

Your CMMS Software SPM is available in five different modules. You can manage machines, buildings, vehicles, printers or simply the interventions themselves.






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