Flexible services for agile solutions

You are looking for a specific data management application ? We may have a modular and agile solution for you ! Take advantage and enjoy our strong experience working with databases, datawarehouses and reporting tools. We are used to build full integrated applications, working with third part software as well as our own scripts and specific solutions.

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Modular software

Modular, flexible and simple software. All our applications are user-oriented and dedicated to improve your productivity.

Data management interfaces

On-demand, standard and modular databases intefaces. We used the power of the .NET framework to offer simple, fast and powerful software dedicated to help you manage your data.

Data analysis

With our strong skills in data modelling and data management, we can offer you some data analysis templates, using various technologies and interfaces such as SQL, MS Access, MS Excel, etc.

Specific reports

You need to format a huge dataset and create some easy-to-understand reports ? Our team can help you to build strong data reporting models and KPIs.