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CASH is a light-weighted and simple store management system (SMS). Directly connected to your inventory management solution, this software will help you to run easily all your BtoB and BtoC sales. You can install CASH on a computer, a touchpad or a fully integrated cash register.


What CASH does

Sales management

Manage your BtoB and BtoC sales, in one or more stores. Each location is directly connected to your inventory database (with our inventory manager SIM).

Discount programs

Reinforce your relationships with your customers, using modular discounts and loyalty programs. Identify your best customers with only a few clicks!

Real-time reporting

Get all the statistics you need : performance of each store, daily sales, bestsellers, etc. Export your reporting analysis to Excel or PDF documents. All the data are real-timed !

Multi-user solution / shared data

You can install your store management solution in one or more locations. All CASH users can work in the same database, with real-time updates. Our store management system can allow up to 255 simultaneous users !

Automatic backups / cloud compatibility

CASH is able to create and manage automated backups locally or in the cloud. Get rid of any failure or breakdown risks with our store management software. Thus, you can focus only on your business and on what really matters.

Secured access / login rights

All of our software solutions allow you to secure and protect your data. Make sure that only the authorized users can access to your sales data. Each piece of information is automatically secured and protected.


On demand options

Because every business is unique, each store management solution is customizable. Your CASH software is directly connected to your inventory manager SIM and it automatically benefits from all options you already ordered. In addition, we can always develop a new function designed for your specific needs (including reporting tools and files for your ERP or your accounting solution !).

CASH can be a “key in hands” solution. Indeed, we can provide hardware, cash register systems and barcode readers fully compatible with your store management solution.

With CASH, YOU can focus again on your sales

CASH is designed to let you focus only on your sales processes. We take care of all the paperworks and the reporting system.

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