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e-aTask (for easy-agile Task) is a simple, light-weighted and modular project management solution. Designed to fit all kinds of agile approaches, this PMS will help you smoothing your project reporting and your task oversight. You can either start from the single tasks and ride up to the top of your biggest projects or do the exact opposite.


What e-aTask does

Task oversight

Is this task completed, still in process or not even started ? How many tasks can we support this month ? How long will it take to achieve this project ? How much steps ? Our software e-aTask has all the answers !

Planning management

e-aTask is designed to help you organizing your plannings by all means. Would you like to import your own calendars directly into our project management software ? Would you prefer to use a Gantt chart ? Everything is possible.

Document management

Because each project goes with a lot of documents and reports, e-aTask is able to store all your data and information. You can attach any kind of  document to a project ! Do not waste time looking for scattered information !

Multi-user solution / shared data

With e-aTask, you can work alone or with multiple other users in the same database, with real-time updates. Our project management software can allow up to 255 simultaneous users !

Automatic backups / cloud compatibility

Your project and task management software is able to create automated local and / or clour backups. With e-aTask, it is easier to prevent a hardware failure or  breakdown.

Secured access / login rights

Some project may be confidential. This is why e-aTasks makes sure that only the authorized users can access to your data. Each piece of information is automatically secured and protected.


Flexible solution

Each project is unique and requires specific features. This is why we have designed e-aTask to be completely modular and flexible.

Do you wish a specific solution, with custom developments and functions ? Do not hesitate to tell us about your needs !

With e-aTask, management is much more easier !

With the right features, our project management software will soon become a powerful assistant in your daily project management. e-aTask allows you to focus on what matters the most to you.

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