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YODA is a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software focused on the improvement of your selling process. Manage your contacts, your customers and your suppliers, track every trade, meeting, e-mail or call and empower your customers relationships with only a few steps !


What YODA does

Simple CUSTOMER management

Import directly a list of customers or create your own portfolio step by step. With YODA, you can manage an unlimited customer database, tracking each trade, each phone call and e-mails.

EMpower your emailing campaigns

A CRM is often related to communication and promotion. With YODA, you can simply manage eMailing campaigns and  newsletter releases in 3 steps : write, select recipients and send.


SALES and quotes reporting

How many offers have you made last week ? To which clients ? YODA can answer to these questions with only a few clicks. You can of course keep a track record of all documents.

Multi-user solution / shared data

YODA allows multiple users to work in the same database at the same time. You can work alone or with several colleagues with no latency and with real-time updates.

Automatic backups / cloud compatibility

No one is completely protected from a system failure or a breakdown. This is why your CRM software is able to create and manage automated local and / or cloud backups.

Secured and protected Data

YODA stands for YOur DAta. The information you provide in the software is yours, and only yours. Each piece of data provided in our CRM solution is automatically secured and protected.


On demand functions

YODA is a modular and user-oriented Customer Relationship Management system. This means that we are always willing to add new features and functions to the core application. In addition, YODA is natively able to communicate and share its data with your ERP or CRM solutions, by allowing you to export numerous structured dataset and files.

With YODA, Keep your contacts a click away

YODA will allow you to always know how your relationships with your customers are going. The installation and handling are immediate and you can import all your contacts in a few minutes.

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