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There is no such thing as a strong database to manage, control and oversight your key performance indicators and your essential metrics. But when unstructured data is everywhere around you, it is really easy to get lost. This is why we offer our strong experience in software management and data modelling to help you improve your data management and your productivity. We put all our energy and our know-how in our simple and modular software and application. With us at your side, your productivity grows with ease and at your own speed.

We develop a wide range of solutions dedicated to the optimization of your data, in order to help you empower your business. At MRBD Solutions, we make every effort to build simple and user-oriented interfaces. We also work everyday to integrate our solutions into larger systems, allowing you to export large structured dataset from our software. All our solutions are natively compatible with MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word and with every system able to process text files (.txt, .csv, etc.). And because your satisfaction is our main concern, we always offer you  free demo or a free trial before any further step. Boost your productivity now with our smart databases and start empowering your business !

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Maintenance management (CMMS)

SPM is a simple, modular and flexible maintenance management solution. With this CMMS software, you can easily manage any maintenance operation for buildings, vehicles, machines, equipments, etc. Our maintenance software helps you prioritize, organise and distribute tickets, in order to facilitate your preventive or curative maintenance operations.

Inventory management (IMS)

SIM, our inventory software solution is modular, flexible and user-oriented. Keep a track record of any input and output, manage your orders and enjoy the power of our barcode reading solutions. You can add a wide range of additionnal functions and options, such as batch or rental management, kits manufacturing, etc.

Sales management (SMS)

Our sales management software CASH is an essential tool for every store manager. Directly connected to your inventory management solution, CASH will help yo to quickly and simply run your BtoB and / or BtoC sales. This solution is light-weighted and it can be used on a computer a touchpad or a Windows cash register.

Customer management (CRM)

Our CRM solution YODA allows you to manage your contacts and customers. You can comment and track every meeting, call or e-mail. Keep a record of your offers, invoices and sales and empower your customer relationship management.

Project and task management (PMS)

Our project and task management solution e-aTask is based on agile methodologies and it is designed to improve the tracking of your daily operations.

Macros for Office documents

Our MS Office specialists can design and build any kind of specific macro-commands to help you automate your office tasks on MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook our MS Access. You can take an overlook to our on-demand Office solutions here.

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